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The Need for Mammography Service

If you are not familiar with it yet, mammography is actually a low dose x-ray done of the breasts. This would be used for screening and diagnosing some conditions that affect the breast tissue. Such is done to detect breast cancer early, if ever there is. You should also know that mammography for detecting breast cancer may be done through screening mammography or the diagnostic mammography. The screening mammogram is actually done every 2 years that is recommended for women from 50 to 74 years old.

This powerful digital technology makes it possible for the physicians to obtain reports as well as images much faster and this would also permit them to expedite such care and computer-aided detection that would refer to such pattern recognition software which the radiologists are using to help them read those medical images. The software is going to determine the areas of interest on such medical images and this would bring them to the attention of the radiologist to be able to minimize the false negative readings. This won’t replace the imaging technology but would instead be an interpretative aid to utilize such second pair of eyes when it comes to reading mammograms.

You should also be aware that such clinical trials also demonstrated that using the ImageChecker system may result in a much earlier detection of around 23.4 percent of the cancers presently detected with the screening mammography in women who had prior screening mammogram 9 to 24 months ago.

You have to know that the digital mammography service is a lot different from that standard mammogram NJ. That digital mammography is going to provide a fantastic detail and offers the radiologists such access to much more information so that they can make a great assessment. Through using such digital pictures, then the physician can actually zoom in and also optimize and magnify the many parts of the breast tissue in the picture without taking another image. That digital mammography can actually be useful for the younger women who usually have dense breasts that are hard to evaluate with the use of such conventional mammography. With the digital technology, the procedure is completed a lot quicker and also the clarity of the images would mean much fewer retakes that are needed and such are factors which women do appreciate.

When you need such mammography service, you just have to make such phone call so that you can schedule an appointment. Also, it is necessary that you have such physician order prior to the appointment date. Also, you must make sure that you bring the physician order for you to avoid appointment delays.

You should know that mammography is just one of the important tools for breast examination. It is required that women who are in the age 40 must start having a yearly mammogram. See more here...

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